Agustin Cárdenas

Publisher: Stipa, France.



This catalogue has been produced to accompany the exhibition “Agustin Cárdenas”, an artist integral to the Surrealist movement founded by André Breton and considered one of the greatest sculptors working in Europe in the 20th century, organised by Aktis Gallery, London from 20th May – 2nd July 2015.

The catalogue includes illustrations of twenty-one major sculptures and drawings by Cárdenas, including works such as Bridesmaid Profile (1977), The Door (1971) and Fruits of Memory 1 (1981) that illustrate the artist's fusion of African sculpture, abstraction and surrealism, and the breadth of his skill in bronze, marble and wood.

Featuring alongside the momentous sculptures and drawings by Cárdenas in the catalogue are the remarkable portraits of the artist by Martine Franck, the esteemed Belgian portrait photographer and documentary filmmaker, who was married to Henri Cartier-Bresson, the father of photojournalism.

The catalogue contains not only the informative and enlightening essay Travelling Blackness, by Abigail McEwen but also texts by Cárdenas’s art-world contemporaries, such as André Breton and Jose Pierre.

Price £25