Squaring the Circle

Yankilevsky, Rabin, Tselkov, Krasnopevtsev
Publisher: Somogy Art Publishers.

ISBN: 978-2-7572-0437-5

Pages: 96

The catalogue produced by Somogy Art Publishers, Paris, and dedicated to the work of four nonconformist artists: Vladimir Yankilevsky, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev.

The catalogue contains early paintings of the artists (60-70s) and their latest works.

Authors of the articles:

“Squaring the Circle”, Kira Sapguir, literary and art critic, poet

“George Costakis”, Corinna Lotz, art critic

“Man and his world in the work of Vladimir Yankilevsky”, Vialy Patsyukov, Head of the Experimental Programs Department of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, art critic

“I have known Oleg Tselkov for a long time…”, Eric Bulatov, artist

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